Christopher Shen Consulting
Consulting Leadership Performance

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Christopher Shen Consulting brings high performance psychology solutions to workplaces.  Our aim is to help managers and executives become stronger leaders, and to assist individuals and teams to develop a high level of performance.

Working across the private, public, education and sports sectors, Christopher Shen Consulting has successfully partnered with many organisations since 2004. Prior to this, Principal Consultant Christopher Shen enjoyed a 10-year career in consulting with the world's leading providers of strategic human resources solutions.

Unique to the consulting approach of Christopher Shen Consulting is our ability to comprehend the business environment in which many organisations and brands operate. We are committed to developing an understanding of the human needs of your business as part of the performance solution. This clearly places leadership and performance as key drivers of your current and future business needs and goals.

Key benefits of engaging Christopher Shen Consulting include:

+ Strong experience in developing leadership and team performance solutions in all types of business environments.
+ Personalised consultation and customisation of programs to ensure your business needs are met.
+ Access to a significant resource of world’s best practice knowledge and innovation in psychology and human resources.

Our programs can be tailored to deal with a key issue within a short term time frame, or developed to build sustainable organisational health and competitiveness over a longer period.

We look forward to developing a strong relationship with your business and organisation.

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