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Focusing on the human side of business, Christopher Shen Consulting specialises in high performance solutions in organisational dynamics, leadership development, and personal development.  We are the bridge to the business and personal success you want.

Through leadership workshops, executive coaching, and team facilitation practices, we can help you focus on and build competencies around leadership and performance:

+  Leadership that develops vision, provides information, engenders inspiration, and responds to feedback.
+  Performance that builds on goal setting, decision making, behaviour management, and problem solving.

Combined, leadership and performance create the momentum needed to ensure that your workplace is successful and your teams extraordinary.

Whether you’re a business, learning institution, government department, or sports organisation, it would be our pleasure to discuss how Christopher Shen Consulting’s services could benefit you and your organisation.


How can we be resilient and flexible when facing difficult challenges and adversity in our work, and in our life? How can we develop our resilience and mental toughness to perform under stress and pressure? Wrestling with Resilience: A Handbook for Developing Resilience and Mental Toughness is a handbook that answers these questions.

Written by psychologist Christopher Shen and Associate Professor Simon Moss, Wrestling with Resilience is a straightforward, accessible handbook for developing resilience and mental toughness.

In it, Christopher and Simon develop the readers’ understanding of and ability to perform in a difficult environment in their workplaces and lives, through clear concise explanations supported with practical activities.

Written in a straightforward, accessible style, Wrestling with Resilience is designed to introduce and develop practical skills in controlling stress, developing mental toughness and resilience, maintaining confidence and self-esteem, and performing under pressure. It will also help instil an attitude of initiative, ownership, and self-reliance.

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