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Christopher Shen Consulting is regularly sought for media comment.  Below is a selection of media from the years 2005, 2006 and 2007.
You can also view the archives for the years 2010-2013 and 2008-2009.

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All articles reprinted with permission.

Mimicry: Subtle imitation can dramatically improve deal-making prowess

In the Black, December 2007, Volume 77 (11), pp. 22-25.

By Emily Ross.


Whether it’s encountering a distant Board of directors, an employee who wants a pay rise, the grumpy chairman, or meeting a new client for the first time, walking into a high-stakes meeting can be nerve-wracking. Building trust and having a positive connection is not always easy, particularly if there is not natural rapport.

Mimicry (PDF)

High Performers

The Australian Financial Review, 12 October 2007, pp. 20-24.

By Catherine Fox.


Stellar performance from individuals or a team is the goal in most organisations but identifying how to generate results and create the right kind of workplace is complex. Here’s the latest thinking of what works and the traps to avoid.

High Performers (PDF)

Coaches Compromise Worker Effectiveness

The Australian Financial Review, 14 August 2007, pp. 58.

By Christopher Shen and Simon Moss.


Executive and life coaches can damage performance, curb motivation and diminish enthusiasm, write Christopher Shen and Simon Moss.

Coaches Compromise Work Effectiveness (PDF)


BOSS, April 2007, Volume 8, pp. 16.

By Brad Hatch.


Management gurus don’t always get it right. Christopher Shen, a Melbourne-based organisational psychologist, and Simon Moss, a senior lecturer in psychology at Monash University, have ferreted out nearly 1000 examples – ranging from failed leadership programs to bogus HR policies and practices – where management experts’ theory doesn’t match reality. Shen and Moss examined more than 20,000 articles across a range of disciplines in a bid to debunk popularly held beliefs. Here are some of the top management fallacies.

Mythbusters (PDF)

Western Bulldogs Profiles Christopher Shen

Western Bulldogs Member Magazine, April 2007, pp. 34.

By Shaun Anderson.


The Bulldogs profiles one of the newest addition to the football department, Christopher Shen.

Western Bulldogs (PDF)

Leading Through Change: How do Leaders Manage Staff and Teams through Periods of Rapid Growth and Change?

AIM News – Vic/Tas, April 2007.

By Christopher Shen.


How do you motivate your staff through a period of rapid growth and change? Read this article by Christopher Shen on the latest research in critical factors for Change Leadership.

Leading Through Change (PDF)

Career Snapshot – Christopher Shen

HR Monthly, December 2006 - January 2007, pp. 46.

Career Snapshot (PDF)

Fit to Travel

HR Monthly, October 2006, pp. 44-45.

By Jane Menzies and Christopher Shen.


The common methods of choosing staff for overseas assignments are much less formal than they should be.

Fit To Travel (PDF)

How To Build a High Performing Career

National Accountant, August/ September 2006, pp. 78.

By Christopher Shen.


Climbing the career ladder requires determination. Cultivating the right skills and attitudes will help you move up the rungs.

How to Build a High Performing Career (PDF)

Leadership Mythbusters: Distinguishing The Facts From The Fads

Australian Chief Executive, December 2005, pp. 10-13.

By Christopher Shen & Simon Moss.


Do you praise your employees before criticizing them? Do you closely monitor unproductive employees? These are just two of many long-held leadership practices that are contradicted by recent scientific research. Christopher J Shen and Simon Moss have examined more than 20,000 articles to come up with 950 reasons not to believe contemporary leadership theories.

Leadership Mythbusters (PDF)

Disagree to Agree

Human Capital, 2005, Issue 3.5, pp. 41.

By Christopher Shen.


Clashing opinions and a degree of conflict can make your team more effective, says Christopher J Shen.

Disagree to Agree (PDF)

How to Deliver Good Feedback

Management Today, May 2005, pp. 12-16.

By Kate Kerrison.


Many of us have walked away from a tricky conversation or confrontation with staff either wishing we had handled it better or having failed to deliver the feedback we wanted. Kate Kerrison looks at how the experts suggest you handle these difficult moments.

How to Deliver Good Feedback (PDF)

Untwisting the Truth

Human Resources Monthly, February 2005, pp. 40-41.

By Christopher Shen.


Research has come up with a range of new ways to assess job applicants' true values, as opposed to their acting ability and delusions.

Untwisting the truth (PDF)

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