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Focusing on the human side of business, Christopher Shen Consulting specialises in high performance solutions in organisational dynamics, leadership development, and personal development.  We are the bridge to the business and personal success you want.

Through leadership workshops, executive coaching, and team facilitation practices, we can help you focus on and build competencies around leadership and performance:

+  Leadership that develops vision, provides information, engenders inspiration, and responds to feedback.
+  Performance that builds on goal setting, decision making, behaviour management, and problem solving.

Combined, leadership and performance create the momentum needed to ensure that your workplace is successful and your teams extraordinary.

Whether you’re a business, learning institution, government department, or sports organisation, it would be our pleasure to discuss how Christopher Shen Consulting’s services could benefit you and your organisation.



Building Resilience Videos

Over the past few months, I’ve been delighted to share with you a series of building resilience videos that I created to help address the unprecedented high incidence of mental health matters in the community – especially amongst young people.

The six videos cover the following practical skills that can be cultivated to overcome stress, build confidence and master difficulties in life:

  1. Positive psychology, especially gratitude and savouring
  2. Cognitive reframing
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Meditation
  5. Imagery to promote immunity and healing
  6. Diminishing worry

Produced in collaboration with Luke McDade at LVM Enterprises, the videos are completely free for anyone to view now on Youtube

They are based on simple, practical research-based techniques and habits that I have taught in my work as a psychologist, and in ‘Building Resilience’ training sessions. After regularly practising the techniques, individuals report a diminishment in worries and anxieties and feeling more resilient and positive – helping them face the world more boldly and confidently.

If you have followed along with these videos, thank you so much for your support. I hope they have been helpful. If you have not yet watched them, I warmly invite you to do so.

These skills and videos are further supported by my book, Wrestling with Resilience – a Handbook for Developing Resilience and Mental Toughness 2nd edition. You can find weblinks to buy copies on my Publications page

Building Resilience Training

Building Resilience

Christopher Shen has delivered live ‘Building Resilience’ training webinars and mental health toolbox sessions with great success. In this 'Building Resilience’ training, Christopher shares practical resilience techniques for participants to deal with difficulty, master stress, overcome fatigue and anxiety, and bolster themselves against burnout. The training is supported by the handbook, Wrestling with Resilience.


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